wHat iS? eyE InTeREsts

aN iNnocENCe, WiLd

oNLy, IN SiMpLeSts
Eye AM oNLy NOt cHiLD.

thiNGS ThAt MAkEs me

LaUgHs maKe MEs SQueAL

jOy! wHat SnoTs FreE

fOrM oF aFfLiCTion
deLiGhts GRosS anD diSguSts

ShapE Of dePicTioN

iS wHAt EYE diScUssedS.

up and down
and all around
when the sun sets high
aint not an answer why
until the sun comes down
the cycle twists around
like the shoo shoo fly
with that wish to die
planted in the ground
above an underneath town
with no cloud in the sky
only echoes of a teardrop dry
it is pure only sound
where nothing is found

"i am"
i am.
i am not.
i am.
am i not?
am i?
i am not!
am i?
am i not?
i am not!
am i?
am i not?
i am!
am i not?
am i?
not am i!
i am!
not am i!
am i?
am not i!
am i?
am not i!
i am?
not i am!
i am?
not i am!
am i?

"butt crust"
when i see it or smell
its foul pungent odor
or the way it sticks
in your underwear makes
me think you dont wipe.
but i still cant help
put it close to my nose
and get a good anything
that comes from you

"unspeakable cruel"
summed up, erupted again
more, and more
inwardly than usual
violence, sanctioned with
vulgar eloquence of brooding,
emotional explosions
responsible for the deepest
and most sublime hatred entirely
the stuff of that
almost blissfull dwelling
in will-less anything
for some obscure reason
the genesis of itself, illuminates
the plastic shape before us.

"stomach sick"
benevolent man
makes my process
transform with the world
to traumatize about
the end free with
expectation, comedy
and tragedy

"can't remember"
i can barely remember
times that have passed
but it wasn't december
and you wore no mask

i was seeing another
i thought of fun two
forgive me for saying
i am quite fucking rude

i be came mangy, hostile
strings of a puppet
but the glow to your smile
was like the dawn of sunset

it put it to rest
but not at no ease
that animal pest
those insides of me

they are here.
that they are here,
they thus create
the ones that can’t not separate
from everything,
from dear,
they can’t not fear.

“the coward”(after William Blake)

coward, coward clown in spite,
in the laughter eyes of fright
what infertile stand or lie,
would gain lie dreadful dignity

sin of instant creeps disguise
torch entire malign lies
on that string care does perspire
take the stand, care ease the fire

but what holder, but what start
should sift the mildew offer heart?
what then sly smart blind man of cheat?
that said stand? and that said feat?

that of glamour, that the main?
of that harnessed bud died gain?
that the gamble, that stead lapse,
care its medley errors rasp!

then the scars do drown bare cheers
and slaughter'd heavens myth glare fears
rid in guile did quirk in plea
rid in true aid of Damn brake free!

coward coward clown in sight,
in the laughter eyes are fright
what uncertain tender lie,
care feigns lies dreadful dignity?

“to my valentine”

roses are red
so is my dick head
violets are blue
soon my balls will be too
your smile is nice
though you smell like dead mice
your laughter is swell
but i can’t hear it too well
a special day for a special you
so spend it with me
we can eat my poo

Knowbody knows
what troubles felt and unseen
knowbody knows
in who's heart there is clean

Knowbody's a traveler
or a prisoner of dark
white light an unraveller
two eyes raging and stark!

Knowbody's a messenger
split in and through time
a reflection and passenger
in Mimmer's body and mind.

Knowbody sees inward
but cannot see whole
only what is pictured
through the slit of an soul.

Knowbody is right.
Knowbody is wrong.
Knowbody cant fight.
Knowbody belong.

Knowbody knows
not of peace but of war
Knowbody knows
what meaning of life there is for.

in a space of a silent elsewhere
known not among reason
like a muted fury sheathed and muffled
stood waiting that all certain no shape
all unchanged as no descending dream

it was with time enormous and alive
roiling slowly to benevolence into that half darkness
under another sky burning cold
through to still
like the dead center beyond
that which it might hold suffused
-out of the canopy of black-
consequences to constrain
the vaulting convolutions under that violet colored dark
yet leaving a sudden paralysis almost biblical
which seemed to plague again
and again
like some great elegance creeping and one to be
helpless and half crazed with an air of circumspection
not quite real with such power accorded
to do terror down in that world
forever a long time
so rare a creature out of the partial darkness
lay before uncoiling with a heartbeat that seemed
scarcely fluid rendering heathenish eyes of a starlight
burning that all soft glow of a yet contained evil

this condition slowly burned sweeter and altered
gravity unexpectedly
yet a voice fell silently in phrases
like lightning repeating and stroking and trembling
and moving separate of their collective selves
and the voice hammered death
to inhabit the creature of dark shapes that have entities
of the animals of the children
in a gesture of the authority akin to god
perhaps a monster
of this bleeding out a round shape of breath
all massive blue
held an odd durability
and through the space allotted like something enormous below
all of it to be were no more than some evil dream